Bad City

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Welcome to the Wasteland + Dog Tags

Bad City


Bad City have created a stir around the Chicago underground with their riff-crazy brand of old-school hard rock. Produced by Grammy Award-nominee Johnny K (Staind, Sevendust, 3 Doors Down), WELCOME TO THE WASTELAND is an electrifying introduction to the band’s idiosyncratic sound, riddled with glamtastic melodies, trashy hooks, and stadium-sized choruses.

This package contains an explicit version of Bad City’s Welcome to the Wasteland along with a Bad City dog tag necklace. The silver dog tag necklace features “BAD CITY 1ST DIV” engraved on one tag and “ARMY OF ROCK N ROLL” engraved on the other. Both tags are 2” in size and hang from an 24” adjustable ball chain.

Track Listing:
1. Showdown In Central Park
2. Take Me For A Ride
3. Do You Believe In Rock N Roll
4. Wildlife
5. Fire In The Pouring Rain
6. Call Pall Stanley
7. Heatwave
8. Look Out!
9. Touch
10. Straight To The Grave

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